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Give your appliances a makeover with a Vinyl Wrap from Wrap my Kitchen


Transform the look of old, dated or simply tired looking appliances with a fresh range of stunning vinyl wraps in a huge variety of colours and finishes.

We can wrap fridges, washing machines, dishwashers or even your bread bin!

Our high quality vinyl wrapping films provide instant colour and protection to any appliance. They are easy to maintain and clean.

All our vinyl appliance wraps are professional installed by our team of high qualified, time-served vinyl wrap fitters.

We'll leave it up to you to get seriously creative with your kitchen appliances.

For more information, help, advice or a fast free quote contact us now.

It's time to get creative

Types of Fridge Wraps


As you begin to browse for a vinyl fridge wrap of your own, you'll quickly notice that while there's a wide range of different styles and designs out there, they all broadly fall into several different categories. If you are overwhelmed by the incredible number of choices, narrowing it down to these categories can be a helpful way to start the decision-making process.


By looking at just these three categories, you can pick the type you most like rather than having to go through every single design out there and eliminate the ones that just aren't doing it for you.


1. Graphic Vinyl Wraps

In a way, every fridge wrap is graphic. They're all colored and textured and could be considered graphic. What we mean by this category, however, is that the wraps have a picture on them, or are designed to imitate another real-life object. Maybe they transform your fridge into a vending machine or a phone box, or maybe they're just covered in a repeating pattern of stripes, plaid or skulls and crossbones. All of these fall into the graphic category.


2. Metallic Vinyl Wraps

These fridge wraps are one solid color, meaning there are no designs or patterns. What really sets them apart, however, is the metallic sheen they bring to your kitchen. These metallic wraps will often mimic a specific metal or material, such as chrome or stainless steel or they may simply be a reflective and glossy surface. If it's a solid color that has that distinctive shine to it, it's a metallic wrap.


3. Matte Vinyl Wraps

Matte wraps are also a single solid color. Unlike metallic wraps though, these are flat colors that aren't intended to shine and catch the light. They can come in any color of the rainbow, but their unifying characteristic is their matte low-gloss coloring.

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