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Our Peel and Stick Tiles  for Kitchens and Bathrooms are simple, easy and smart – Anybody can tile a wall in an hour or two.

  • No special tools required 

  • Easy to clean 

  • Heat Resistant

  • No Mess and Fuss

  • No Tile Grout


Traditional tiles require time, effort and a lot of cleaning up after installation. With our Tacky Tiles you just need to peel and stick, and you can order these cheap tiles online.

There is no issue with finding the right size.


Just order enough tile sheets for the area you want to cover.

Do your own tiling done in a matter of minutes. No labour cost, No cement, No messy clean up!

Our Smart Adhesive Kitchen and Bathroom tiles can accommodate curved surfaces and rounded corners.

Bathroom and Kitchen tile stickers are available in many colours and designs, from bold and modern to smooth and understated. 

There’s a peel and stick tile design for every décor, ready to be delivered in minimal time.

Save Time & Money

Great Flexibility

Many Designs to Choose From


Don't see what you would like... No problem,

If You can Imagine it... We can Create it

Change the look of your Kitchen Tiles without the expense, mess and fuss of replacing them.





Easy & Convenient Peel & Stick Tile Stickers 

Upto 10 Year Indoor Lifespan

High Performance Decals


Mould & Mildew Resistant