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  • Vinyl Wrapping of Cabinetry

  • Vinyl Wrapping of Counter Tops

  • Vinyl  Wrapped Wall Cladding over Tiles

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Simply send us a photo of your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom cupboards or cabinets to know the approximate cost of your project and compatibility of our finishes with your surfaces.


You will need to provide the exact measurements to order the product. This option is to give you a rough estimate.

Choose your Colour & Finish with our

 Premium, High Performance Vinyls 

Manufactured Exclusively for Wrap My Kitchen



Calculate the entire surface area to be covered as shown below. Multiply the length by the height to obtain square inches and round up.



Height: Measurement = 595mm/rounded= .600mm
Width: Measurement = 1255mm/rounded= 1.260mm
Surface area: Measurement = .600 x 1.260 = .756Mt/2 (square metres)


  • Do not forget the sides to be covered
  • Do not account for a loss
  • Orders are placed in square inches
  • Take the measurements in square metres for each section
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Solid Colour Vinyl Wraps:


Exactly as it says. We can wrap in a variety of solid colours to suits the kitchen, walls or cabinets you want.


Available in Matte or Gloss.


An all time favourite and popular choice with residential and commercial customers.

Wood Grain Vinyl Wraps:


The wood grain range is one of the most popular. With so much choice on offer for colours, grain size and type

  • Oak
  • Pine
  • Mahogany
  • Beech
  • Antique finishes
  • White washed finishes

... the list is endless and offers you an affordable solution to give you the surface design you want.

Metallic Vinyl Wraps:


Colours and styles in that rustic or bold brushed steel effect really brings the best out of a dated space or offers a modern effect to a kitchen or unit.


A vinyl that simply cannot be matched for price compared to its natural material to offer you that metallic feel.

Glitter Vinyl Wraps:


Want Bold...Go Glitter!

This special vinyl comes in a variety of colours to really stand out and sparkle!


Its unique texture means that it doesn't come off and sprinkle onto the floors and your clothes so you can have that bold statement without the fear of cleaning up regularly.


Our most special vinyl and it really turns retail shops and bars into something quite special.

Stone Colour & Effect Vinyl Wraps:


The must have range! From light to dark stone with different brick effects this can really transform a room.


A favourite of ours to install due to its ability to completely change a rooms atmosphere.


Gives that brick feel and touch without the mess and dust.

Natural Patterns:


This vinyl comes in your everyday favourites. Similar to wallpaper but applied dry with outstanding quality it can really bright up a bland and boring space.

Also looks great when applied to furniture and tables.


The choice is yours with this beauty

Marble Effect Vinyl Wraps:


At a fraction of the price of natural marble this range of vinyl really needs to be seen to be believed.


With its natural patterns and different colours it can come in a matte or shine effect. Idea for splash backs and worktops in your home.


But ultimately perfect for kitchen counter tops, bar tops, restaurants and hotel service desk looking to add a touch of class to their existing spaces.

Leather Effect Vinyl Wraps:


A bespoke Vinyl. Looks and feels tremendous in the right environment.


With a variety of colours and styles to choose from this lovely effect is one to be creative with.

Easy to Install with our Range of DIY Videos

We supply you with the Material, Tools and Installation Instructions

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Option1 using a Photo


Option 2: Take the exact measurements and place your order

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Our Kitchen Wrap Vinyl Products

Select your Finish

Take a look at our finishes. Order them now in square metres

(Available in 1.220 and 610 mm widths)

A + B+ C+ D = Total surface area in square metres.


Specify the measurement for each of your and we will add an extra percentage to ensure that you have more than enough material for your full project.


If you wish also to cover the insides of your cabinet doors, please advise us.


Please note that this page is still under construction and our online ordering DIY Section will only be available as from the 1st November 2020 please contact us for more information.

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